is one of the secondary antagonists of the first film. He was extremely bloodthirsty and eager to capture the baby. He was voiced by Jack Black.

Zeke is shown as a member of a pack of saber-toothed tigers, which (before the movie takes place) suffers an attack by the humans, who end up killing half of them for using their skins as clothes.

Zeke is one of the tigers, that attack the humans, so that Diego can kidnap the baby, but when he fails, the pack goes to wait for Diego in Half Peak.

At night of the same day, Zeke, alongside with Oscar, go to search for Diego and find out that he is planning to bring the baby, and a mammoth. Diego tells them to tell Soto, and leave.

Near the end of the film, when Diego gets to the half-peak with the other animals, Zeke is the one that Diego teased by asking him if he wanted to maul something, and he is the one that makes the pack start going after Sid, who was wielding a fake mini-snowman with the baby's clothes.

When the pack of Cats disperses, Zeke finds Sid getting the baby out of a place that he had hidden him, but the baby warns Sid by doing the "Where's the Baby?" sign with his hands and Sid manages to save the baby and trap Zeke. It is unknown whether he stayed trapped there and presumably perishEd from starvation and thirst, got free himself, or was later rescued by the other tigers.