The Land Before Time (Remake)
Directed by Timothy Robert
Produced by George Lucas
Steven Spielberg
Peter Jackson
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
Barrie M. Osborne
Written by
Narrated by Unknown
Starring Paul Logan
Music Hans Zimmer
James Newton Howard
Editing Unknown
Distributor Universal Home Studios Entertainment
Release date(s) 2011-2013 (filming possibly begins)
2015 (release)
Running time 180 mins (theatrical release)
220 minutes (extended edition)
232 minutes (extended edition, with deleted scenes)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $325 million (predicted by director)
MPAA Rating G
Preceded by The Land Before Time XIV: The Growing Sky Stone (TBA)
Followed by Legends of the Land Before Time (2016)
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Plot summary

There will be three Tyrannosaurs chasing Littlefoot and his friends, Sharptooth, Redclaw and Darkclaw. In the remake, not only, the earthquake will separate Littlefoot from his grandparents, but also a meteor shower caused by the impact of an asteroid as wide as Mount Everest. There will be a protector for Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike after the Asteroid strike and the earthquake cause by it, a brave, faithful and heroic Iguanodon named Argos (Paul Logan).



This is quoted from the director website:

"A remake of Land Before Time is currently in production, that will blend realistic CGI characters and creatures, although Littlefoot and his friends and some of the brontosaurs, especially Littlefoot's mother will remain unchanged even though they'll be realistically rendered in CGI, and VFX wizardry seamlessly with Live Action, Miniature, Digital Environments to groundbreaking effect. It's gonna be by Timothy Robert, as writer, producer and director, with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Barrie M. Osborne as producers, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard providing the music score and with Weta Workshop and Weta Digital providing the creatures, miniatures, VFX, and Animation for my Land Before Time remake, In The Land Before Time remake, it will run 180 minutes in theatres and will recieve a G rating, just like the others, but it's still going to be different than the 1988 original, though. The dinosaurs, except for the 5 young dinosaurs, and some of the Brontosaurs, in the remake, have to reflect the latest scientific knowledge and research, so, they have to look as real to them as possible, especially Sharptooth and his two T-Rex brothers. And it's gonna be in 2.35:1 Cinemascope. But nonetheless, it will remain 100% true and faithful to the tradition of the original 1988 movie. And it's gonna be a outstanding VFX and Animation achievement and greater than the 1988 original. I also have plans for the remake to be in digital 3-D. Filming will start in 2011, and run to 2014, then the movie will be released in early 2015."


Also stated on the director's website, in 2016, there might be a thirteen hour mini-series called "Legends of The Land Before Time." It will start from where The Land Before Time XV leaves of, and end with the gang's adult hood.