The Land Before Time-Ice Age crossover

The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossover[1] is a crossover between The Land Before Time and Ice Age. It has been announced on a blog. It is about the gang of five and Sub-Zero Heroes meeting each other and having an adventure together. If it was ever made into a real film it would star, Karen Disher, Simon Pegg, Marit Larsen, Nika Futterman, Jennette McCurdy, Cody Arens, Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Chris Wedge, Anndi McAffe, Carlos Saldanha and Frank Welker.



Karen Disher as Scratte
Simon Pegg as Buckminster
Marit Larsen as Shelly
Nika Futterman as Flood
Jennette McCurdy as Peaches
Cody Arens as Littlefoot
Ray Romano as Manny
Queen Latifah as Ellie
Chris Wedge as Scrat
Anndi McAffe as Cera
Frank Welker as Momma and Rudy
John Leguizamo as Sidney
Denis Leary as Diego
Carlos Saldanha as Egbert and Yoko
Aria Curzon as Ducky
Jeff Bennett as Petrie
Megan Strange as Ruby
Max Burkholder as Chomper
Rob Paulsen as Spike

Video Game

A video game tie-in will be released before the movie is released.


A soundtrack of the film will include the songs:
Walk the Dinosaur - Queen Latifah
If a Song Could Get Me You - Marit Larsen
Adventuring - Anthony Skillman, Marit Larsen and Grey DeLisle
Going Under - Evanescence

Video Gallery

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