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Sylvia in Ice Age

Sylvia is a female ground sloth who was cut from the first Ice Age film, but can be found in the deleted scenes of the 2-Disc DVD release. Sid is Silvya's love interest.

Sylvia was shown waylaying Sid into traveling with her, for she was seeking commitment. Sid, not wanting any of this, had her sent off as he managed to put her in the path of some running glyptodonts. Sylvia eventually found him again, though this time, she found him and was still adamant to go migrating with him. Sid agreed and told her that he would leave her for a moments to get turnips so as to stuff their cheeks to migrate, but rather ran off to escape from her without her knowing it, and she followed him to where she found him: in the jaws of Diego, the saber-toothed cat. She did not believe that Sid was truly dead, and sullenly told Diego to "eat him". It is presumed that after that, she left alone. Sylvia had red-colored fur and red, untidy hair.

According to the Ice Age DVD commentaries, the scenes with her were cut because of two reasons. The first reason was for timing purposes; although the scenes with her were funny, they took up a lot of time and didn't focus on the main plot. The second reason was because of Sid's behavior towards her; considering that the creators of the movie were still experimenting with Sid's personality, they found out that Sid was acting a bit mean towards her during these cut scenes and decided to take them out. Also according to these commentaries, there was an alternate ending to the first movie. After Sid and Manny head south and met up with the other animals (they headed south without Diego because in earlier drafts of the movie Diego died and never came back). In this alternate ending Sid matured and was a bit nicer to Sylvia.

Even though she was a cut character, she was cut from the movie fairly late. Most of the sequences with her were completely animated and rendered (and usually when it comes to animated films scenes usually get cut in the storyboard phases). Sylvia was also seen in earlier trailers of the movie as well as early ads and posters.

Sylvia was voiced by Kristen Johnston.