Background information
Feature films Ice Age: The Meltdown
Video games
Voice Tom Fahn
Character information
Species Glyptodon
Gender Male
Other names
Height 17 cm.
Weight 8 lbs.
Fur/Scale/Skin color Skin peach, shell green
Eyes Hazel
Friends Fast Tony
Fate Eaten by Maelstrom and Cretaceous
Quote "I can smell the ocean!"

Stu was a dim-witted Glyptodon with little intelligence who appeared in Ice Age: The Meltdown and was Fast Tony's assistant. He stayed behind in the valley while the other animals were escaping the upcoming flood, and he was eaten by Maelstrom and Cretaceous. All that remains of Stu is his shell, which was blasted out of the water and later used as Fast Tony's "mobile home", Manny also seems to own one similar, if not the same shell, at the beggining of the third film.

Stu was voiced by Tom Fahn.