is the main antagonist of Ice Age. He was the leader of a pack of saber-toothed tigers, consisting Diego, Zeke, Oscar and Lenny, originally ten, until half were hunted down by humans. He was voiced by Goran Visnjic

Soto was angry at the losses. Even if his tribe would die off, he was within all odds, intending to bring down as many humans with him. As an act of revenge, they made a plan to capture the tribe's baby, so that Soto could kill and eat him as revenge, but failed when the mother, Nadia, got away with it when Diego tried to steal it. After his failed attempt, Soto ordered Diego to go get it, or he would get killed by his own pack.

Diego returned days later with the baby, but also along with Manfred and Sid, who fooled the pack with a small snowman in the decoy, allowing Manfred to sneak away with the real baby. Soto attempted to kill Manfred, but was stopped by Diego, who was severely wounded. This distraction caused Soto to be knocked into a wall of ice by Manfred. The impact cause loose icicles to fall onto him, killing him instantly. It is unknown if he survived and ran away once free.