is the leader of a tribe of humans who appeared in the first movie. Runar is the father Roshan and was the husband of Nadia (now presumed deceased).

His tribe was invaded by a pack of saber-tooth tigers. While fighting them off, Runar ran off with the baby trying to escape Diego. His wife and son were missing. His tribe had no choice left but abandon their camp and begin the travel to a settlement far off, tracking the treacherous saber-teeth on the way and finding clues as to his son's whereabouts.

While traveling on guard, he was meet fact-to-face with Manny and Sid (but not Diego who was believed to be killed). While on high alert, Manny reached behind and showed him what was relieved the baby. Runar thanked Manfred by giving him the charm bracelet that had once been Roshan's and continued the journey with Roshan on his shoulders. At this time, Diego reappeared alive and well.


  • The necklace Manny was offered from Runar disappears within a few moments.