Peaches in the snow

Peaches (for

Peaches' first apperence with her mother Ellie

merly known as Baby Peaches) is Manny and Ellie's daughter.

She was born at the end of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Manny decides to name the baby Little Ellie after Ellie, but Ellie names the baby Peaches after the fruit (the codeword they had chosen for Ellie to use if she went into labor during the trip also remembers that Manny's favorite fruit are peaches).


Peaches, as she appears in Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Peaches has the same fur color and figure as her mom (although Ellie's face was rounder when she was a baby then Peaches' is now) She also has a topknot like her mom, but it's shorter and darker than her mom's is a trait that she got from her father (His Dark topknot). Her father is also evident in her eyes which are pea green (her mom's lime green eyes mixed with her dad's brown eyes) She's basically a perfect mix of her parents.
Ice Age Continental Drift Peaches Keke Palmer

Peaches, as she first appears as a teenager in Ice Age: Continental Drift

She has no voice actor in the third film, but is voiced by Ciara Bravo in Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (where she's an 8-year-old) and by Keke Palmer in Ice Age: Continental Drift (where she's a 16-year-old).


Peaches is a daughter of Manny and Ellie

  • Manny (Dad)
  • Ellie (Mom)
  • Sid (Adopted Uncle)
  • Diego (Adopted Uncle)
  • Crash and Eddie (Uncles)
  • Buck (Adopted Uncle)
  • Ethan (Handsome Boy)
  • Louis (Friend)