Mother Opossum or Crash and Eddie's mother and adoptive mother from Ellie is a character in the second movie. She made a brief appearance in a flashback when Ellie remembered she got in the middle of a blizzard and was found by a mother opossum who had just had two babies: Crash and Eddie. She seems to be very kind because even though Ellie was different than them, she still helped Ellie. Since Opossums are marsupials, she carried her children in her pouches, because mother marsupials carry thier children in thier pouches until they've grown big enough. Crash and Eddie's mother probably must've died because of old age. Eddie seems to have gotten his brown eyes and the brown stripe from his forehead to the nose from her, and even Crash has a pointed nose like her, so both twins have gone into thier mother. She was probably the one who thought Crash, Eddie and Ellie to hang upside down from a tree, and thought Ellie to behave like a possum. It is unknown about her husband, Crash and Eddie's father