The following is a list of profane jokes/gags on the Ice Age movie series.

Ice Age

The original Ice Age script included some scenes that were not appropriate for children and received negative reception while in test screening. This is material that was cut from the film and only appears on the DVD of the movie.

Ice Age: The Meltdown

  • When Manny finally convinces Ellie that she is a mammoth, he eventually tells her they can save their species, Ellie replies surprised saying that she had only been a mammoth for five minutes and he was already "hitting on her".

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Sid milking a male ox

The third movie was by far, the most profane movie in the series.

  • When the Baby Dinos are born and Sid needs to find food for them, he tries to obtain milk from a sleeping Ox, whoever, the Ox wakes up and chases Sid, who yells "I thought you were a female!". (pictured right)
  • At one part when Manny and Diego are trapped inside an enormous carnivore plant, Diego says he feels "tingly", to which Manny responds "Don't say that when you are all up against me".
  • Buck shoos a giant butterfly, he comments "I knew him when he was a caterpillar. That was before he came out."
  • Buck replies when he is asked "Why do they call it the chasm of death?" "Well we tried "Big Smelly Crack" but... uh, that just made everybody giggle".
  • Buck says "It's like the old saying: "An Eye for a Tooth" "A Nose for a Chin" "A butt for a ..."
  • Buck admits castrating a Tyrannosaurus with a sharpened clam shell.
  • Buck, Crash, and Eddie are walking off while Diego and Manny stay behind to save Ellie from the guanlong. Diego tells Manny "I've got your back.", to which Buck comments "Your back? I'd rather you covered my front. That's where all the good stuff is, right?"
  • When Diego is trying to push a log with guanlongs on it, it looks like he is giving birth.
  • When Buck, Crash and Eddie are using a Pteranodon to escape from a pack of Quetzacoatlus, the opossum brothers grab berries that they will use as ammunition against the chasers. At this time they reveal Scrat and Scratte, who are in foreplay.
  • When Sid sees the baby mammoth, he remarks it's a boy, then Diego says "That's its tail", to which Sid replies "It's a girl", of course, the shot of this part was from behind Peaches.