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Jennifer and Rachel in Ice Age

Jennifer and Rachel are two female ground sloths from the first Ice Age film.

The two were shown being sweet-talked by Sid to impress them while he had the baby Roshan in tow. Jennifer admitted that she found some of Sid's qualities to be most attractive, and when Sid left, the two spoke to each other on how, despite his lack of good looks, he was a family-type and that all of the sensitive sloths were eaten.

These two female sloths (in a deleted scene from the film) were shown scorning Sid when he was shown to simply be using the baby to mate with them, though Rachel was much more straightforward as she kicked him directly in the groin while calling him "pig".

Jennifer was a thickset dark-blue sloth with short curly hair and Rachel was considerably thinner and had light tan fur and a blonde ponytail directly at the top of her head.

Deleted Scene

In a deleted scene, Jennifer and Rachel would later confront Sid, after he escaped Carl and Frank. When they realized he only used the baby to get their attentions, they kicked him in the crotch and left.

Jennifer was voiced by Lorri Bagley and Rachel was voiced by Jane Krakowski.