is a young aardvark that was part of Sid's camp in the second film.

He was voiced by Alex Sullivan. He has some brothers and travels with them and father, he might be related to Johnny from the third film.


James was very mischievous and played pranks on Sid, along with being rude to the sloth. James mocked Sid's position as camp counsellor and acted as ringleader when it came to playing pranks. During the migration to reach the "boat" that would spare all the animals from drowning due to the oncoming floods, James' father counted his children, but could not find James, as James was back at the waterpark, blowing bubbles in the water with his trunk. James was almost left behind during the migration to safety when he stayed by the waterside, and was frightened off by Stu, who spared him a grim fate of being eaten by Maelstrom and Cretaceous.

James was soon after getting on the boat to escape the flood. He and his family survived, witnessing the return of the mammoths as they stepped onto dry land.

Appearance and Traits

Like all aardvarks, James had long ears, a matching snout, a long bushy tail and clawed feet. James' fur was dark red and his eyes were black. James was often seen giving Sid the sloth trouble when Sid tried to run a water camp, and acted out with a tough demeanour that was stopped when James became frightened of something.