Fast Tony in Ice Age: The Meltdown

Fast Tony is a male armadillo who appears in the second film, he is voiced by Jay Leno.

Fast Tony saw that the ice in the ice age world was melting, causing floods to occur, and so he took to becoming a con artist, with a glyptodon named Stu as his lackey. Fast Tony began to peddle items such as bark and river reeds, claiming that they would grant the buyer safety from the floods. Few creatures were convinced that Fast Tony was being honest, and dismissed his ideas, among the disbelievers was a mammoth named Manfred, who claimed that Fast Tony was lying. Fast Tony was eventually proven right, as Manfred and his friends discovered that the melts were real.

The other animals of the valley then left to find a means of escaping the floods, and Fast Tony was among them before he found Stu's empty shell, which had been left behind when Stu was attacked and eaten by two prehistoric sea reptiles. Fast Tony found a new use for Stu's empty shell as he tried to pawn it off to the other animals and use it as a soapbox from time to time. The valleys eventually flooded and were drained of the waters, and the animals of the valley returned to land, among them was Fast Tony, who gleefully told Stu's empty shell that they survived, adding that at least he himself had.


  • Fast Tony's name is a possible reference to "The Simpson's" character, Fat Tony. The Simpsons is also owned by News Corporation and 20th Century Fox.
  • Although he does not appear in Ice Age 3, he, along with the Mini-sloths appear in the Ice Age 3 video game.
  • Fast Tony's species is a Armadillo.
  • Fast Tony was the one who was proven right about the floods.
  • He has  a lackey named Stu.
  • Fast Tony's gender is a male.
  • Fast Tony's occupation is a con artist.
  • Fast Tony was voiced by Jay Leno who did King Malbert who was the main antagonist of Igor.
  • Fast Tony would've sell his own mother a grape according to Manny.