This Fan fiction is made by the user Spawing Bird. it is set in a post apoclapyse world where humans are on the verge of extintion as shown in the end saying "one year later the human kind died of a Virus and a old species brought back from the past Never create a time machine or human kind will be on a true verge of extinction"


The Year is 2012 World war Three has ended Australia is not a Contry after mass nuclear weapons launched by China and now china is gone Harry Johnson at the age of 11 is armed with a chainsaw and a shotgun. other times include 66 million BC in the land before time universe where about chomper is slighty the age of a 11 year old child now with sharper claws , longer legs , sharper teeth , taller , spikes on him and is in love with his own mother and cera. a Cyborg called brian is made by japan not knowing that he will raise Contries that failed to conquer the world but when he raised the aztecs and Trajan Time Romans they did not care about being evil and taking the world.


Harry johnson



Chomper's mother





jewish Brian



Spike (Extreme dinosaurs)

Minor cast and others


Slayer ~ angel of Death

Omen - The Prodigy

Bad Reputation ~ joan jett

Stylo ~ gorillaz

The Crystal Method - Drown In The Now


as the ending in fanfiction after the message a Carakiller like animal appers and Says Carakillerz as dicpeting that during the time after a Cyborg harry killed brian due to he was killed by a caputured tank as of yet most humans where killed by the carahumankiller species of yet the Left overs of human kind is killed by yet any that survied that was killed by asteroid which carahuman killers and 99.9% of animals except for the surving humans.