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ice age 6: dildos revenge is the worst movie of all time

Part 1: Revenge

Deep in the caverns of the Dino World the dilophosaurus and ceratosaurus pack are gathering. At the front of the dilophosaurus pack is a female dilophosaurus, named Dila, the sister of Dilo. The rest of the ceratosaurus herd shows up and Dila says, "We are here to plan for our revenge of those that killed our leaders, Rudy, Buck, Scratte, Flood, Momma and Guan." The screen fades black and the song "Lies" plays. In Snow Valley, Buck asks Guan, "Is there a chance that the dilophosaurus or certosaurus herd could get revenge against us for killing their leaders?" Guan says, "There could be. But neither herd knows about the skeleton bridge that leads out of the Dino-World, so we don't have to worry." Far below the ground in the Dino-World the ceratosaurus and dilophosaurus packs have joined together, to fight the Sub-Zero Heroes. The leader of the two combined herds is Dila, the sister of Dilo says, "We are going to strike at night, so nobody knows what happened." Then begin to march towards the skeleton bridge, which they found out from Dilo. Meanwhile in Snow Valley, Guan is talking to Buck, "We have prepared just in case either herd, the ceratosaurus or dilophosaurus attack Snow Valley." Then Buck says, "Good. All we need is two herds of deadly dinosaurs running around the valley. Plus we have Rudy, Flood, Barry and Momma to kill any of them that would attack us or anyone else in the valley. We are going to stop any of them, that sneak into the valley." Guan and Buck hear roaring and screeching, and they know that it is the ceratosaurus and dilophosaurus herds, coming up the Skeleton Bridge. They run to the playground, where they alert everyone about the herds coming in. After everyone has hid, Buck, Guan, Rudy, Momma, Barry and Flood turn around and they see the two herds with Dila standing at the front. Guan says, "Get out of our valley, or you'll end up getting killed just like your brother and Red-Horn." Guan and the others run at the dilophosaurus herd, chasing them into the Dino-World. In the Dino-World, they reach the cave where Guan was born. Since it is getting dark, they decide to spend the night in the cave. Guan says, "I can't believe that they got away from us." Then Buck says, "We get them tommorow. I guess we are going to be in the Dino-World, for a few more days." Later that night, Rudy is keeping watch while the others sleep, after awhile Rudy falls asleep and Barry decides to keep watch. The next day, Rudy and Barry decide to sleep in late, as they are tired from standing guard last night. Guan says, "I guess we are going to..." Then Rudy and Barry wake, then Guan says, "Never mind." They continue towards the guanlong cavern, as that is probaly where they are staying, since the guanlong herd moved out.

Part 2: Out of the Dino-World

Manny, Ellie, Scratte, Sylvia, Buck, Momma, Rudy, Flood, Peaches, Diego, Crash, Eddie, Scrat, Guan and the guanlong herd are walking through the Jungle of Misery, not knowing they are being watched by several plants, Sylvia says, "I feel like something is watching us..." She turns around and the plants act like they aren't doing anything, and Buck says, "We'd better get out of here... Now!" Then they all start to run, when all the plants start watching them, they reach the part of the Chasm of Death that dosen't have any gas in it. The walk the path, reaching a canyon with water dripping from the ceiling. Buck whisphers, "Be as quiet as you can, if the plants hear you, the gas in here will start to rise, it will start to leak into here, as you can see it already has started. We just have to get to that hill over there, and climb up it as fast and quiet as possible. The gas in this canyon is actually poison, unlike the gas in the chasm, becuase this actually comes from the plants from the Poison Plants." After a few minutes of walking the reach the hill, Buck, Scratte and Guan decide to go up first, when they reach the top Sylvia, Crash, Eddie and Scrat climb up next. Manny, Ellie and Sylvia go up next. The last ones to go up are Momma, Rudy, Flood and Peaches, who gets up on Flood's back. Buck heads over to each of the poison plants, and crushes them, which opens a passage in the wall of the cave. They head through it finding a tunnel, Guan says, "This leads to our old cave, this is probaly where the dilophosaurus herd is hiding at now. So when we go in be quiet as you can, they are usally sleeping at this time. Just follow me and you should get through safely." They head down the tunnel and into the cave, where all the dilophosaurus are sleeping. The follow Guan, through the cave and they reach the exit of the cave, and Buck says, "We made it!" Then all the dilophosaurus wake up, and they others run out of the cave, but the dilophosaurus herd dosen't chase them since Rudy, Momma and Flood are with them, the dilophosaurus herd just goes back to sleep. After awhile of running, they reach the cliff over the Plates of Woe, and Guan says, "I don't think that was the dilophosaurus herd, that is after us, they would've chased us, even with Momma, Rudy and Flood with us. That means the are in the cave, that we had left after they attacked it. It's over there." Guan points to the cave they used to live in and Buck says, "You have to be right, that is the only cave in the valley besides the Chasm of Death and the cave behind us." The climb down the cliff, and the sneak through the Plates of Woe, hoping none of the dilophosaurus find them. They reach the dilophosaurus cave, where there are hundreds of dilophosaurus in it. When Guan sees all the dilophosaurus in the caves, she says, the Sub-Zero Heroes hear several noises from behind them, and when the turn around, they see the dilophosaurus herd and Dila. Guan says, "Oh no! We're cornered!" One of the male guanlongs of the herd says, "You guys get out of here, I'll hold them off! Run!" Guan says, "No! Come with us! I don't want to lose you too!" But Ellie grabs her and forces her to run, they run living him behind. They reach a high cliff, and they hear the male guanlong screaming and Guan yells, "NO!" Then she tries to run, to help him, but Flood stops her by wrapping her tail around Guan. Then Buck says, "Guan, he's dead. There's no way he could have got away from that many dilophosaurus." Then Guan says in an angry voice while crying, "We are going to get out of the Dino-World tonight, we won't all survive, if we don't leave now...." They start to leave, but they are stopped when find the male guanlong that stayed behind laying on the ground. Guan runs over to him checks his pulse, "He's still alive!" Then he wakes and says in a weak voice, "Get out of here... Get out of here..." Then he collapses, Flood picks him up and decides to carry him back to Snow Valley. They head back down through the Chasm of Death and Back through the Jungle of Misery, and up the skeleton Bridge, into Snow Valley. They bury the male guanlong next to Sid and Brandon. Guan says, "I am going to kill Dila. He kind have killed too many of my friends. She is going to pay..."

Part 3: The End

Buck says, "How about we put the plan we used to defeat Dilo and Red-Horn?" Then Guan says, "I'll be the one to get Dila up there, along with Buck and Scratte." Then Buck and Scratte's eyes get big, and Buck says, "Why do we have to do it?" Guan says, "Becuase we are the ones that know the plan better than anyone, and Dila has a grudge against the three of us, more than our other friends. That's why!" They Sub-Zero Heroes and guanlong herd head back to the Skeleton Bridge. They head to the cave where Guan was born and they decide to spend the night there, as it is the safest place in the Dino-World, at night. Meanwhile in the dilophosaurus cave, Dila is yelling at her herd, and says, "You guys are pathetic excuses for dinosaurs! Your just lucky I saved you butts from Rudy! I could have let him eat you for all I cared!" The next day, everybody wakes up and Guan says, "We have to get back to the volcano, before the dilophosaurus herd dose." Diego says, "But if we are using the same plan, won't the dilophosaurus and ceratosaurus herds know what we are doing." Guan says, "That's why we have to get there first. If we can sneak on Dila, we get knock her off the ledge." Diego says, "Oh." Then they start walk to a cave on the other side of the Chasm of Death, once they reach the other side, they see a herd of troodon, the herd heads over there, and they are greeted by Jinks, who says, "What are you guys doing here? I though you weren't coming in here anymore after Brandon was killed." Guan says, "We weren't planning on it, but we have to get Scrat back from Dila, and she said, If we follow the dilophosaurus and ceratosaurus herds, she will kill him." Then Jinks says, "Do you guys need any help from my herd?" Guan says, "We are fighting dilophosaurus and ceratosaurus, it'll be to dangerous, you guys should stay out of this one. I've already lost three friends to guys like them, including Sid, Brandon and one of my pack members." Then the herd leaves the troodons, to find the dilophosaurus herd, hopefully in time. They reach the Plates of Woe, they head into the old guanlong cave, which has been abandoned. There, they unload all the stuff they we carrying, including food, weapons and Scratte's pistol. Guan says, "We'll camp here for tonight, we leave first light tommorow." The next day, everyone is ready to travel to Lava Falls, they begin to march and Buck asks, "How long the dilophosaurus find or attack us." Then Guan says, "It could be anytime, we haven't seen them in days." Guan tells them, "Stop, get behind the rock, be quiet and don't move. The dilophosaurus and ceratosaurus are behind this rock." Scratte pulls out her gun just incase, she'll have to use it. Guan, Buck and Scratte, get out from behind the rock, and Dila starts to chase them towards Lava Falls, Scratte turns around and fires a few shots at Dila, but misses, so she puts the gun back in the case, and continues running. They reach the edge of the cliff, where they are cornered by Dila, Guan says, "Oh no! We're trapped!" Dila is closing in on them and a male guanlong, comes in front of them and Guan kills him, giving the others a chance to get away. They run around Dila, and they head back to the gang, they reach them and Guan says, "We have to get out of here, Dila and the to herds are coming." They all start running, but when they reach the old guanlong cave, the dilophosaurus herd attacks and seperates Guan, Buck and Scratte from the others. They start to run when they see the dilophosaurus herd running towards them. Guan yells, "We have to reach my cave, we'll be able to hide there." Dila yells at them, "If you three give up now we'll let you live." But they still keep running, they reach the cave where they hide up on the ledge. The dilophosaurus herd reach Guan's cave, but they don't see them up there, so they run out of the cave to look somewhere else. Guan whispers, "That was close." Buck heads down first, where Dila grabs him by the waist, and drags him off. Guan yells, "No!" Scratte and Guan chase after them, while Scratte is shooting at Dila the whole time. Buck gets dragged into a cave, then the other two hear him screaming, and the ground turns red where Buck was dragged in. They scream and run off, when Dila comes out with blood on her snout. Guan yells while running, "I can't believe that Buck's dead." Guan steps on a vine, and it wraps around her leg, and she is pulled up into the trees, screaming, then blood starts to drip from the trees and Scratte runs off. Meanwhile the others are trying to find a way to get to their friends and Ellie says, "I heard alot of screaming in the jungle, I just hope that is dilophosaurus." Scratte is still running, while Dila and five other dilophosaurus are chasing her, she runs directly into a tree, leaving her surrounded by the dilophosaurus, she starts shooting at the dilophosaurus. After a while she runs out of ammo, as she dropped her ammo bag while she was running. Scratte closes her eyes, not wanting to see what coming to her. The dilophosaurus head towards Scratte, and the camera zooms out to above the trees, where the dilophosaurus herd, walks off leaving a bloodied Scratte laying on the ground. While Dila and the herd are walking a way, Dila says, "I told those three I would get my revenge." Then the screen fades black, and Scratte is heard screaming, then everything goes silent.

Alternate Ending #1

Scratte, Buck and Guan is still running, while Dila and five other dilophosaurus are chasing her, she runs directly into a tree, leaving her surrounded by the dilophosaurus, she starts shooting at the dilophosaurus. After a while she runs out of ammo, as she dropped her ammo bag while she was running. Scratte closes her eyes, not wanting to see what coming to her. They hear a loud roar and screaming, when they open there eyes and they see Barry standing there, the five dilophosaurus are dead and the rest of the Sub-Zero Heroes are standing there to. Guan says, "Let's get back to Snow Valley. I've had enough of this place."

Alternate Ending #2

Scratte, Buck and Guan is still running, while Dila and five other dilophosaurus are chasing her, she runs directly into a tree, leaving her surrounded by the dilophosaurus, she starts shooting at the dilophosaurus. After a while she runs out of ammo, as she dropped her ammo bag while she was running. Scratte closes her eyes, not wanting to see what coming to her. They open their eyes and see four of the dilophosaurus dead, and Barry standing there, while Dila is running off. Guan says, "Thank you, Barry." Then Dila comes back, knocks Buck and Scratte down, and is going to kill them, and says, "I told you I am going to get my revenge for killing my brother by killing you." She goes in for the kill, but Barry grabs Dila around the hips, throws her to the ground and bites into her killing her. Guan says, "We are going to get out of this place now. When we get back to Snow Valley, we are going to seal off the entrance, making sure no one else dies."


Main Cast



Karen Disher Scratte
Karen Disher Guan
Simon Pegg Buck
Michael Thurmeier Barry
Queen Latifah Ellie
Jennette McCurdy Peaches
Ray Romano Manny
Marit Larsen Shelly
Carlos Saldanha Dark-Horn
Denis Leary Diego
Josh Peck and Seann William Scott Crash and Eddie
Chris Wedge Scrat
Carlos Saldanha Egbert and Yoko
Frank Welker Momma and Rudy


The antagonists will be Dilo and Red-Horn's herds returning to get revenge against Guan, Rudy, Flood, Scratte and Buck. Then main antagonists of this fanfiction will be Red-Horn's brother, Dark-Horn and Dilo's sister Dila.