Cholly with Sid

(or Frutose Bear) is a gassy chalicothere (long-necked bear) who appears in Ice Age: The Meltdown. He suffers from chronic and extremely unpleasant flatulence which he blames upon the fact that his stomach "hates him". He was first seen sitting on a log trying to direct his fart away mistakenly letting it flow directly in front of Sid's face.

He also makes an appearance in the Ice Age 2 video game where he plays a more important role than in the movie. He helps Scrat get from place to place by means of his farts, but Scrat must earn the favor by giving Cholly apples to eat.


  • When Sid smells Cholly's farts, he states "Well that put's the stink in extinction". This may be do to the fact that chalicotheres were extinct before the ice age.